Entertainment, Media, and Technology Shape the World

The overwhelming technology has been advertised by famous celebrity likewise being used in the movies. This phenomenon is greatly influencing the people of different races. The advertisement and the movie played a vital role in shaping the world. Most of the scenes and the styles of the person involved are being imbibe by persons especially the young ones where they will be the future mobilizers of the next generation.

I’m not saying that the entertainment and the media industry is not producing a quality product, but the most of the time the focus lies on how much will be the return of investment (ROI). One way or another, the profit leads us to produce something giving only a bit of emphasis on the values embedded in a movie or on advertisements.

Although we have different cultures, there are similar things that surely affects our affective part, the instinct that we as the highest mammal of the animal domain. The ironic part only is that there are things that of no value to others but it has a great value to other races. The Western countries are of huge difference from Asian countries and part of Africa. It means that there things that are not suited for the lifestyle of the other. The movies being produced are shipped to these countries and it will be viewed by lots of young ones (18 above and 28 below). What do you think will be the end product that will be created in minds of these individual and soon be acted upon?

Another problem that hampers the industry to produce a valuable product is the laws that ruled them. Yes, most of us make thing in accordance with the law likewise do things not covered by the law. The latter is more rampant than the first. The virtual community is an example. Since there are no defined rules and ways to filter porn sites, it lures the virtual community with less hassle, not to mention that these sites earn big bucks.

Nowadays where high breed technology abounds what possible things to be happen 50 years from? What could be the values and satisfactions people will desire?