Entertainment, Media, and Technology Shape the World

The overwhelming technology has been advertised by famous celebrity likewise being used in the movies. This phenomenon is greatly influencing the people of different races. The advertisement and the movie played a vital role in shaping the world. Most of the scenes and the styles of the person involved are being imbibe by persons especially the young ones where they will be the future mobilizers of the next generation.

I’m not saying that the entertainment and the media industry is not producing a quality product, but the most of the time the focus lies on how much will be the return of investment (ROI). One way or another, the profit leads us to produce something giving only a bit of emphasis on the values embedded in a movie or on advertisements.

Although we have different cultures, there are similar things that surely affects our affective part, the instinct that we as the highest mammal of the animal domain. The ironic part only is that there are things that of no value to others but it has a great value to other races. The Western countries are of huge difference from Asian countries and part of Africa. It means that there things that are not suited for the lifestyle of the other. The movies being produced are shipped to these countries and it will be viewed by lots of young ones (18 above and 28 below). What do you think will be the end product that will be created in minds of these individual and soon be acted upon?

Another problem that hampers the industry to produce a valuable product is the laws that ruled them. Yes, most of us make thing in accordance with the law likewise do things not covered by the law. The latter is more rampant than the first. The virtual community is an example. Since there are no defined rules and ways to filter porn sites, it lures the virtual community with less hassle, not to mention that these sites earn big bucks.

Nowadays where high breed technology abounds what possible things to be happen 50 years from? What could be the values and satisfactions people will desire?

Kindle Technology Helps the World Read

Worldreader.org can be compared to One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), an organization that created less expensive computers that was meant for children in developing countries. Worldreader.org has the same idea; however, they want to send eBook readers to these countries instead to encourage young people to develop a love for reading.

As of now, the organization has picked the ever popular Amazon Kindle as the eReader to send out. In fact, one of the co-founders of the organization is a former vice president of product and platform development for Amazon. Nice to know, but really this is a positive way to utilize electronic readers.

Here is Worldreader.org’s working hypotheses:

eReaders will increase access to books due to lower distribution costs and immediate visibility of millions of books available online.
This will result in a larger number and greater variety of books read, and increased excitement and exchange of ideas around these books.
The result will be a higher value placed on reading within the classroom, family, and community.
The results will be specific and measurable, and will, in the long term, increase literacy and opportunity for those involved.
Worldreader.org currently maintains partnerships with Amazon, Rassak Experience, and OrphanAid Africa. And speaking of Amazon, the Kindle was chosen because for one, it is so simple to use, and secondly, the Kindle store offers thousands of eBooks. This eBook reader also offers global wireless support. As the program evolves, the organization says that they may consider other gadgets depending on the needs of the developing communities.

Note however, that Worldreader.org doesn’t give the eReaders to the countries; they assist with subsidizing the devices, so the devices are affordable for the local governments to purchase. They do this through fundraising. A trial run started on March 15th in the village of Ayenyah, Ghana.

Worldreader.org hopes that they see results of improved reading frequency and a higher demand for books. Additionally, the organization hopes that it will create a “sustainable business ecosystem” in these communities

The organization is also working diligently to problem-solve power problems, solar cell, and satellite internet access. In some remote areas around the world, these facilities aren’t readily available. For example, in Ayenyah, Ghana, the trial school had unreliable power.

Once the students get their hands on the Kindle, they will find pre-loaded books. Worldreader.org lets the community pick the books based on their interests and needs.

As we get caught up in eBook prices wars thanks to the new agency model, competition stories between the Kindle and iPad, we sometimes really forget that eReader technology is awesome. Worldreader.org is using it to help the world change the way it reads.

VOIP Technology – Call the World

VOIP technology has been available for a number of years but as the speed of internet communication increases so does the performance and features from VOIP services. Let’s discuss some features and details.

VOIP technology enables traditional long distance phone communication to occur through an Internet connection. In this way it is possible to make and receive long distance calls and pay significantly less than what would otherwise be required through traditional long distance services.

The introduction and development of these services has made a significant difference in how we communicate with each other. There are many services available to the consumer and businesses which utilize VOIP technology. One of the largest VOIP carriers for the consumer is Vonage. They offer unlimited long distance services for under $20 per month.

Services like Vonage use a converter which attaches to a high speed Internet line. This converter is able take a traditional phone signal and send it back and forth over the Internet. These kinds of services typically include a great many enhanced features like voice mail, caller id, call waiting, etc. The voice mail functionality is particularly useful as it often can be integrated with other Internet functions like voice mail.

If a message is left for you, it can send you an email with the sound file of the message attached. In this way you may not even have to log in to retrieve the message. Another great feature of VOIP technology is the ability to make and receive calls virtually throughout the world for little to no cost.

In fact if you travel overseas and take your converter with you, it is possible to establish a “local” phone number wherever you travel to. In other words if you travel to Hong Kong, you can bring your VOIP converter with you. If you connect it to the Internet you can make and receive calls. If your converter is configured with a US based area code, as far as anyone knows who might receive a call from you, it will indicate that you are calling from your local number and not across the globe.

These kinds of features are very useful for overseas based calls centers since many customers do not want to receive a call from an overseas number nor do they want to feel that they are speaking to overseas based support personnel. There are many other advantages of this technology but just a small sampling of the key features are significant.

Information Technology Within the World Wide Web

Information technology has always been here, assisting mankind in some way or the other. It is only with the development of technologies that this has been able to change form and shape, along with methods of delivery. The basic idea remains the same – be able to share and reap benefits from the knowledge acquired.

The seers have done this in the past, then came, the tablets and later the books revolutionized the scenario. With advent of ink and paper, minds and creativity achieved new and unclaimed heights. Artists, writers and host of other professionals monopolized on literature, which only belonged to the elite at one time.

Societies around the world have grown, at different paces, but almost in the same fashion and direction throughout the globe. In the beginnings knowledge was only the property of the selected few, and never commonly shared as we do now. Science has been a great promoter of equality, throughout time, and effectively serving us without any bias.

Printing Technology – the First Revolution

Knowledge and literature were hereby commonly made available for the common man, at a chosen price. Printing technology simplified technology for mass circulations and distribution was made manageable albeit a slow pace. Man was thrilled to find his ideas and thoughts in print and benefiting scores of people who could read and write.

Ideas and thoughts were now gaining solid ground, and this prompted the human minds to open up, and to go on, and on. Man has grown bolder and clearer by the day, and almost stands at the pinnacle from where he is most effectively able to share and communicate whatever he has got. With help from the existing and developing technologies, he is able to clearly express himself, as best as his idea or thought.

Media and Communications

We only got better as we grew. Mass media and telecommunications have only enhanced our capacities for mass distribution methods. From the concepts of the electrical world, we outgrew into the electronic environment. Electronics not only enhanced our capacities for distribution, but have also immensely helped us give clearer pictures to our ideas and improved paths.

Communications during the fag end of the last century specialized and perfected the art, effectively delivering content to the remotest corner of this earth. All barriers and challenges were overcome by the enthusiasm generated by the electronic media and industry as such. Communications peaked during this period into a mature and user friendly environment.

The Magic of the World Wide Web

This magic has been able to weave the web, correlating it with the information technology, so effectively that putting it on the internet is like speaking to the entire world. You never can know and realize how far and how soon you are able to get heard by the people who are using the internet.

Information technology has been able to effectively create a concrete platform in the shape of the World Wide Web, and which is proving to become the biggest database ever known to man. It is like a huge human mind acquiring potency, and being able to relate to the entire mankind.

We can come useful here as a human, and put in our bit so as to fulfill, and try to repay this world, for all that this world has been able to give us. Thank God for giving us a chance.

Dr. Ravikant Bharati is a freelance photographer, picturing and doing whatever he likes. He has exhibited in various art shows and has a long list of professional works to his credit. He loves globe trotting, while picking the best of the pictures he can find. He has effortlessly moved from film-photography to the digital era, and handles both mediums with comfort. He recently caught up with Image Editing service Service and witnessed what they can do for upgrading his photographs. Image Masking and Photo Retouching has given new meanings to his photographs.